NC100 Add On Firing Point

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Introducing Athena: The World's First Affordable Electronic Scoring Target

Is your club or team expanding? Here's the perfect solution; add on an additional NC100 Firing Point.

The Athena for Clubs NC100 model is designed specifically for Air Rifle and Air Pistol.

This product only works as an add-on firing point for already purchased Athena for Club Systems. This product will NOT function as a standalone product. Please see Athena at Home for standalone products, or click here to request an Athena for Clubs System quote.

Dimensions fully assembled with mechanical lift: 68" H x 24" W x 18" D

Customize NC100 Add On Firing Point
1 x NC100 EST Target   + $940.00
1 x DoW100 Athlete Monitor   + $450.00
Paper Roll for Athena NC Models   + $11.00
1 x Back Aiming Masks for NC Models   + $17.00
1 x Air Rifle and Air Pistol Backstop for NC100   + $150.00
1 x Red and Green Light Kit for NC Models   + $60.00
1 x Plastic Bags for Athena NC Models   + $17.00

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NC100 Add On Firing Point
NC100 Add On Firing Point

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