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Onsite Installation and Training

Setting up a new EST range can be complicated. Our technicians will work with you to ensure that your range gets started as smoothly as possible. We understand that every shooting range is unique, and offer customized installation packages to meet your specific needs. Our comprehensive installation package includes assembly of targets, explanation and training of routine maintenance on EST units, training of Athena/Orion integration for both practice and competition with the Athena range, and overall best practices. 

Cost is based on a daily fee + travel expenses. 1 day with one technician covers approximately 10 lanes. Please note that onsite installation does not cover any significant physical infrastructure changes to your range or building, such as running cable through walls, mounting tvs, etc. Availibility may vary throughout the year, and is usually limited in the fall season.


Athena Extended Warranty

An Athena extended warranty is a great way to protect your EST range from damage and mishaps, and get your range up and running as soon as possible in the event of damage. Athena’s hardware is warrantied for 1 year after purchase. (Software and firmware updates remain covered under the Orion software license.)

Extended warranties are $110 per firing point per year and cover any and all hardware damage that stem from regular use of your EST range within reasonable guidelines. 

Remember, the NC100 Target is rated for air rifle and air pistol only. The NC200 is also rated for smallbore rifle, and does not contain its own backstop.

We also offer options to bundle your extended warranty with an annual maintenance appointment. This appointment (typically done before the start of a season) includes an on site visit from a technician to cover any updates, run calibration on the EST units, and cover maintenance and training needs to prevent issues before they come up.

Training with a Customer Outreach Specialist

While we provide regular support for our systems, sometimes coaches or range officers might have specific technical questions or a competition scenario they would like to discuss. 

All Orion and Athena customers may schedule free, periodic 1 on 1 sessions with one of our Customer Outreach Specialists. These video and phone sessions are designed to help you get the most out of your experience with our products, but perhaps more importantly, your range time. Appointments may cover a variety of topics surrounding the use of Orion and Athena. Some common topics include:

  • Best Practices using Orion or Athena
  • Training options available within Orion and Athena. 
  • How to run your own League or Tournament
  • Scheduling for a complicated question/rules/match specific question.

"Orion At Home" Customer Walkthrough

For Orion at Home, our free version of Orion, we offer for a small fee, a service to schedule an appointment with our staff for a remote session where we install Orion at Home, activate it, and walk you through how to use the software.

The remote connection will require an internet connection and use of the GotoAssist remote client. Appointments are available during regular business hours (M-F 9 AM to 6 PM, and 9 AM to 4PM Sat, EST). These sessions will typically last between 30-60 minutes. 

Please note: This applies only to the Orion at Home license. For technical support for Orion for Clubs or Athena systems please contact us at

Competition Supervision

Let us organize your competition for you. Ideal for larger scale tournaments and leagues, competition supervision gives you the peace of mind to focus on other things while we manage the technical side of the match.

Whether your competition is using paper targets with Orion or Athena ESTs, Scopos will verify functionality of the hardware and software of the range before the match starts and resolve  issues that may come up during. Scopos will act as technical officers only; we do not act as range officers.

Contact us to discuss how we can help with your next tournament.


Group Training and Seminars

Seminars and trainings are available standalone, but are also great to incorporate into competition supervision where you may have a group of coaches and range officers together from your regional clubs or JROTC programs. Seminars and trainings are available as an online meeting or an in-person presentation. 

These may typically include training on the use of Orion or Athena, advanced technical subjects related to running a competition, competition management best practices, or even coaching curriculum. 

Custom Courses of Fire and Rulebooks

Orion and Athena support many courses of fire and rulebooks from most popular competitive shooting authorities in the USA. Occasionally, groups may have a specific rule set or course of fire that is not yet supported, or even one that they created themselves. 

Typical groups that may want customized rulebooks or courses of fire may be 4-H programs, regional shooting clubs, and more. These can be highly customized to your needs for both Orion and Athena EST range scripts. 

For MM100 and MM200 Spectator displays, Scopos also offers customized configurations beyond what is available in Orion. Examples may include customizing the timing, making custom pages, and other special configuration.


Custom Range Equipment and Design

Every range is unique, and sometimes there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for your range. Our manufacturing facility and partners can work with you to customize certain parts of your range to make sure things fit and run as smoothly as possible.

Some previous customizations have included:

  • Customized and reinforced paper target frames
  • Customized backstop curtains
  • Customized smallbore backstops


Other options may include things such as customized pole or wall mounting solutions for Athena ESTs, visual customization of athlete tables and stands, and more.

Contact us to discuss your range’s specific needs.

Annual Onsite Maintenance Appointment

To make sure your range is in top shape before the start of a season, consider an annual onsite maintenance appointment. A technician will come to your range and go over everything related to your Athena range. This includes all software updates on Athena equipment, lubricating target lifts, full calibration of targets, and checking for any problems before they may appear. Appointments will generally include some more advanced training on using Orion and Athena.

Cost is based on a daily fee + travel expenses. Combining annual maintenance with an extended warranty will reduce the warranty cost by 40%. These appointments usually happen over the summer before the start of a season, and availibility becomes limited in the fall, so be sure to schedule early!


Our Mission

To use leading-edge technologies to improve marksmanship in athletes, and turn shooting into a spectator sport. Inspiring coaches and engaging spectators along the way.