Introducing Rezults

Rezults is the premier destination for competive shooting matches, teams, and individual scores.




Contemporary user interface depicts shooting as a modern sport.

Shooting Sport Centric

Benefits and enhances the experience for all athletes, coaches, and spectators.


Future-proof for any style of shooting, course of fire, or format.


Designed with mobile devices in mind, for viewing on the go or while at matches.

Match Results

A modern, online result system is a necessary step in the quest to turn shooting into a spectator sport. Collecting and accessing your match results is now easier than ever. View match scores directly online, print and hang scores at your competition, or even share scores directly to social media. Scores are easily and automatically imported to Rezults in real time from Orion and Athena.

Athlete Profiles

Create a free Scopos account on Rezults to view your scores, and have them automatically uploaded from Orion and Athena. Enable your public profile to show off to friends, coaches, or recruiters. Subscribe to your favorite Event Styles to showcase your best scores at the top of your profile. You choose what information to share publicly.

Score History

Imagine, every score you will ever shoot, no matter the discipline, no matter the location, no matter the course of fire. Imagine this includes all your competition scores and all your practice scores.

See all of your scores within your Scopos Account on Rezults. Keep your practice scores private and show off your competition scores to the public. Subscribe to your best Event Styles at the top of your Athlete Profile. View graphs and trends in your scores as they get automatically uploaded into your profile by linking your Account in Orion and Athena.

Integrate with Orion and Athena

Rezults is built from the ground up to integrate with Orion and Athena. Have Orion automatically upload all your match and practice scores whether you are at home, a local club, or traveling to a match. Log directly into your Athena firing point during practice and your scores will be uploaded directly to Rezults.

Rezults gives you the freedom to save your scores no matter where or how you like to shoot. Whether you use paper targets or modern ESTs, your scores can be recorded and uploaded directly to your Scopos account in Rezults.


Use Your Scopos Account

Create your free Scopos account today to start using Rezults and unlock other great features.

Access to Rezults to view your Score History, share your scores, and more
Add your Scopos account into Orion to have your scores seamlessly uploaded
Log in directly to your Athena ESTs
Use the same Scopos account across our website, including our web store

Get started using Rezults today!

Continue Using Orion Result Center

Orion’s classic Result Center will remain operational as its features are ported over to Rezults, with updates to Rezults coming regularly.

Rezults is our vision for the future of competition scores. We believe a modern website for the shooting sports should have features not possible in Orion Results, and we continue to add new features to Rezults and improve upon it.

All scores available on Orion Results are also available on Rezults, whether it's practice, a competition, or our National Leagues.

Our Mission

To use leading-edge technologies to improve marksmanship in athletes, and turn shooting into a spectator sport. Inspiring coaches and engaging spectators along the way.