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Athena for Clubs is a full-featured Electronic Scoring Target System designed by marksmen, for marksmen


Athena for Club's affordability has made it the most widely used EST system for high school and youth programs in the US.

Coaches are empowered to see what is happening across the firing line from a TV screen in real-time—not limiting the coach to viewing through a scope a single athlete at a time.

0.1 mm accuracy ensures your matches are fair and transparent.

Athena for Clubs uses Orion Scoring System to control your range, creating the whole package you need to bring your range into the 21st century.

Benefits for Athletes

Athena’s broad range of formal and informal practice modes makes it easy for athletes to train in areas they need while doing it faster than ever.  Instant feedback on every shot allows athletes to make corrections quickly without the need of a scope or retrieving paper targets after a relay.


Benefits for Coaches

Athena for Clubs allows coaches to watch their shooters’ performance across the firing line in real time on a TV screen. There is no walking downrange to change out paper targets periodically. This greatly reduces the manual work of scoring paper targets which increases trigger time and improves overall efficiency during practices.

Safety Improvements

Athena Electronic Scoring Targets feature red and green lights at the top of the target to indicate to shooters when it is ok to shoot. Athlete monitors display the same information, along with range officer safety commands, making Athena for Clubs the safest and most accessible EST system in the United States.


Integrate Natively with Orion

Athena for Clubs uses the Orion Scoring System as its range control software. Create matches the same way you are used to with paper targets, but now with more great, modern features.

Coaches and Range Officers will see verbal range commands, notes, the range timer, and have control over all aspects of the Athena range from within Orion.

An integral mechanical lift automatically moves the targets between changes in position as you progress through your match's Course of Fire.

Athena for Clubs supports air rifle, air pistol, and smallbore courses of fire from all major rulebooks in the USA, including the National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Council, USA Shooting, CMP, the NRA, and more.



An Athena for Clubs Range Includes

All Athena for Clubs ranges include everything you need to get started.

  • Your choice of NC100 or NC200 Targets
  • DoW100 Athlete Monitors
  • Athena's Network Manager and networking equipment
  • Set of consumables such as aiming masks and paper rolls
  • Resource box for maintenance and nice-to-haves
  • Many optional add-ons such as MM100 Spectator Displays, MM200 Range Timers, Athlete Tables, etc
  • Free phone and email support 6 days per week


* A separate computer with a valid Orion for Clubs license is required to operate the Athena for Clubs range


Connecting Your Range

Athena for Clubs operates on its own internal wireless network. Going wireless saves the mess and hassle of cables on your firing line, and makes Athena uniquely mobile for ranges that need to set up and tear down every session. As long as you can connect your targets and monitors to power, you are ready!

Internet access is required for setup, and periodically thereafter, but is not required for daily use of the range.

Ready to Take Your Range to the Next Level?

Request a customized quote for your range by using our form or contacting us. We will then finalize the specifics with you to ensure you get a range best suited for you.
Your range will ship to you with your account information and instructions.
Set up your range following our step by step instructions, or have a technician come to you for onsite installation.
Run your first match!

Financing Options Available

Scopos partners with Western Financial to offer financing for Athena range purchases. For more information, please contact us or Western Financial.

Athena for Clubs Products

For more information, and help setting up your Athena for Clubs range, visit our Support and FAQ pages

Our Mission

To use leading-edge technologies to improve marksmanship in athletes, and turn shooting into a spectator sport. Inspiring coaches and engaging spectators along the way.