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The MM200 Range Timer is the first fully automated range timer for the shooting sports. The Range Timer will automatically start, stop, and reset, following Orion's Range Scripts with no additional programming or remote control required.

The MM200 is compatible with all Athena for Clubs ranges. A range may have one or many range timers.

Red X's and Green O's will display in accordance with the range scripts just as they do for the NC100 and NC200 ESTs, and the DoW100 Monitor.

In Practice Mode, use Orion's Range Timer Control Panel to have the clock act as a count down or count up timer, or show the current time.

The MM200 comes with:

  • MM200 Range Timer
  • Power Cable
  • x1 3ft HDMI cable

The MM200 Range Timer also contains the same functionality as the MM100, thus can perform double duty as a Spectator Display for your range. This does require the use of a HDMI-compatible TV and HDMI cable.

Designed for indoor use only on 10m and 50ft ranges.

Dimensions: 14" W x 7" H x 2" D

MM200 Range Timer Bundle
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MM200 Range Timer Bundle
MM200 Range Timer Bundle

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