How Much Does Athena Cost

Athena for Clubs

Athena for Clubs is designed for schools, clubs, and regional competition centers that have multiple firing points. While there are many options that effect the price, for a well equipped range Athena for Clubs costs roughly $2000 for each firing point plus an additional $2000 for range equipment.

For a more precise quote visit our web store and build out your quote.

Athena at Home

Athena at Home is intended for individual air rifle or air pistol athletes training at home.

Athena at Home costs about $1200 for just the NC100 target (coming soon) or $1600 for the NC100 target plus DoW100 athlete Monitor (available now).

Annual Licensing Fees

Both Athena for Clubs and Athena at Home require a support license to access technical support, firmware updates, and Result Center features. Athena for Clubs is $140 / year after the first year. Athena at Home is $60 / year after the first year.

Prices Valid as of Summer 2022. Check our store for current pricing.

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