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What is the Difference Between Orion for Clubs and Orion at Home

In short, Orion at Home is a limited version of the Orion software intended for individual use. Orion for Clubs is the full version of the softwware intended for schools, clubs, and organizations. 

Orion at Home is free. Orion for Clubs is $600 for the first year license and $160 for each renewal year.

Both Orion for Clubs and Orion at Home support:

  • Creating matches with over 125 course of fire supported.
  • Linking athlete scores to their Scopos online profile.
  • Automated online results.
  • Scanning and scoring paper targets.
  • Participating in Virtual Matches.
  • And much more.

Orion at Home is limited in the following ways:

  • May only have 4 athletes in a match.
  • May not have teams in a match.
  • Does not include phone support.
  • May not create virtual matches (but may join them).
  • Does not include EST interfaces for Athena, MegaLink, or SIUS.

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