March 2023 only, get $600 off any new qualifying Athena for Clubs System
March 2023 Monthly Virtual Matches are Open

March 2023 Monthly Virtual Matches are Open

New this Month: 3x20 Air Rifle

Scopos is expanding our Monthly Virtual Matches to include a 3x20 Air Rifle course of fire. Competitors, good luck!

What are the Monthly Virtual Matches?

Each month Scopos organizes an ongoing series of Monthly Virtual Matches for both rifle and pistol disciplines. The intent is to give shooters a fun new way to participate, allowing them to compare their results with other shooters and teams from within their town, state, country or even across the planet.

Who can Participant?

Any Orion customer may participate. Best of all, they are free! There is no entry fee or lengthy registration process. 

What Matches are Available?

There are six matches each month.

  • 3x10 Air Rifle
  • 3x20 Air Rifle (new this month)
  • International Air Rifle
  • International Air Pistol
  • BB Gun
  • 3x20 Smallbore Rifle

Result Pages for March 2023


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