Release of Orion Version and Athena Version

Release of Orion Version and Athena Version

Scopos is pleased to announce the latest enhancement release with both Orion and Athena This release contains a number of enhancements, including support for the MM200 Range Timer.

This release is recommended for all Orion and Athena customers. Complete release notes are below.

Added Support in Orion for:

  • Allows scores from paper targets to be displayed on MM100 and MM200.
  • Adds a Range Timer control panel.
  • Displaying pop-up box, when Orion loads, alerting user if one or more Athena firing points were not shut down gracefully.
  • Enhances Rezults' result lists to be able to display match location, result status, target collection name, local date, first name, middle name, last name, club, country, and hometown.
  • Added support for NRA Air Pistol in Orion and Score History.
  • Adds National High School Rodeo rulebook.
  • Adds Texas 4-H rulebook.
  • Specifies Ranking Rule definition in the Course of Fire, which will fix virtual match ranking rules.
  • Allows the importation of scores from another Orion match shot on ESTs (including Athena). Scores are marked as imported and will not be sent to Firing Points.
  • Updated NRA Age Groups.


Bug Fixes Since Orion Version

  • Fixed issue when updating Network Manager on accounts with a second Athena range.


Added Support in Athena for:

  • Tracking if the user correctly / gracefully shut down the OS.
  • Range Timer splash screen.
  • Harden the reading of the camera calibration file.
  • Harden factory reset.

For more about how to update to the newest versions of Orion and Athena, visit our support page.

How to Update Athena

How to Update Orion


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