Red and Green Light Kit for NC Models


The Red and Green Light Kit is an optional but recommended component for Athena NC Models. It is used to indicate to the athlete when to shoot and when not to shoot. The "Green O" lights up when the athlete may shoot. The "Red X" lights up when the athlete should not be shooting.

Red and green lights are common in 25m pistol shooting, used to indicate start and stop times during timed and rapid fire events. Athena extended the use of red and green lights to 10m air gun shooting for a simple reason... safety. Because Athena is designed for use at the local and regional levels, many new and inexperienced athletes will be shooting on them, some of whom may not always be familiar with verbal range commands. With the red and green lights, athletes now get both a verbal and visual notification when it is safe to shoot, and when they should not be shooting.

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