Jack C. Hays MCJROTC Wins New Shooter League; NoVA Sharpshooters Win Air Pistol League

Jack C. Hays MCJROTC Wins New Shooter League; NoVA Sharpshooters Win Air Pistol League

Jack C. Hays MCJROTC Wins the New Shooter League

In the New Shooter League, Jack C. Hays MCJROTC took first place with a 7 - 1 record, winning their first New Shooter League title. This team also became the first to win both the National Air Rifle Sporter League and the New Shooter League in the same season. Jack C. Hays MCJROTC is from Buda, TX and coached by LtCol Donald Wimp. 

The 2024 season featured 59 teams overall. Saint Thomas Academy from Mendota Heights, MN won second place and was the only team in the New Shooter League with an undefeated 8 - 0 record. James Madison AJROTC from San Antonio, TX placed third with a record of 7 - 1. Second and third were decided in the final game between these two teams, with Saint Thomas Academy taking second by a mere 0.6 league points in the end. 

Jack C. Hays MCJROTC’s team of six was the only team to break a single game score of 1100 in the New Shooter League. Team members were Viviana Martinez, Zoe Quiles, Amaris Oliva, Adah Guerra, Isabella Johnson, and Landon Grant.

Jack C. Hays MCJROTC

New Shooter League Additional Awards

The New Shooter League awards teams at the end of the season by putting equal weight on competition, participation, and teams that show improvement. Because of this format, both teams with and without a winning record are eligible for awards, based on the mentioned criteria. Here are the teams that won awards for their performance in the New Shooter League:

  • Alvin C. York Institute AJROTC
  • Bensalem MCJROTC
  • Broome AFJROTC
  • C. T. Johnson AJROTC
  • Caney Creek NJROTC
  • Clark AFJROTC
  • Daniel Boone MCJROTC
  • Denver North AJROTC
  • Eldorado NJROTC
  • Georgetown NJROTC
  • Haines City High School
  • Hendrickson MCJROTC
  • ILTexas Katy Westpark High School
  • Kelly Walsh MCJROTC
  • LeMoore NJROTC
  • Lewisville AJROTC
  • Milton NJROTC
  • Mountain Home NJROTC
  • Mountain View MCJROTC
  • New Albany NJROTC
  • North Caddo AJROTC
  • Norview NJROTC
  • Royal MCJROTC
  • Seaford NJROTC
  • Stony Point High School
  • Summerlin Academy AJROTC
  • Zion Benton NJROTC

NoVA Sharpshooters Win The Air Pistol League

In an undefeated season, the NoVA Sharpshooters went 8 - 0 to win their second National Air Pistol League title after their first title last year. This team is from Centreville, VA and coached by Ben Regala. 

This is the third year in a row that NoVA Sharpshooters have placed in the top three of the Air Pistol League. In 2023, they placed first and in 2022 placed third. Their overall record in seven seasons of participation in the Air Pistol League is 37 wins and 16 losses. 

The second and third place teams were also the same as last year. Lafayette Gun Club from Grafton, VA took second place with a 6 - 2 record. In third was Palmyra Sportsmen’s Association from Annville, PA with a 5 - 3 record.

Junior All Stars

The Air Pistol League is open to all age group athletes, open and junior (U21). However, to help promote up and coming athletes the top four juniors are named to the Junior All Star Team. This year's all stars are all from NoVA Sharpshooters:

1: William Regala - 550.63 avg
2: Nate Carbaugh - 549.71 avg
3: Elie Arkin - 546.29 avg
4: Caroline Tso - 527.43 avg

NoVA Sharpshooters

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