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Are Athlete Tables Required on an Electronic Scoring Target Range?

Are Athlete Tables Required on an Electronic Scoring Target Range?

"Are athlete tables required on an electronic scoring target (EST) range?" is a common question we get here at Scopos. Different rulebooks will give different answers to this question. In the United States they are generally not required, however, their use is both common and helpful. 

What are Athlete Tables?

Athlete Tables are tables the athlete may use when shooting to place their EST Monitor, ammo, water bottle, or other gear. Pistol shooters further use them to rest their pistol in between shots. 

The International Shooting Sports Federation has strict rules on the surface area and height of the athlete tables. National rulebooks are less strict but generally the athlete table is about 3 feet off the ground and has enough space for the athletes gear and firing point Monitor.

Particularly in practice, athlete tables are beneficial. The EST Monitor is physically closer to the athlete, allowing them to interact with the Monitor (and paired Target) while remaining in position. For example, when the athlete wants to move from sighters to record fire shots in a practice match.


Which Rulebooks Say They Are Required?

International rulebooks, like the ISSF or USA Shooting require athlete tables be provided on each firing point. 

National rulebooks, like the Civilian Marksmanship Program, don't require them, however their use is encouraged.

What Athlete Table Options are Available?

Scopos offers three Athlete Table options, depending on the type of shooting your range participates in. Each of these tables are designed and built by Sandusky Woodcraft.

International Athlete Tables

Our International Athlete Table conforms to ISSF rules on height and area. It is both taller and wider than our three position athlete table. It is best for clubs that only shoot any of the ISSF courses of fire (e.g. 50m Rifle, Air Pistol, or Rapid Fire Pistol). 

Three-Position Athlete Tables

Our Three-Position Athlete Table has the same overall look and feel as the International version, but shorter and a smaller area. We made it shorter and smaller because so many three-position air rifle athletes are teenagers (or younger) and can better work with a smaller table. 

Monitor Stands

Our third option is a Monitor Stand only. It is technically not a athlete table, as there is no room for ammo, gear, or a water bottle. However, it is specifically designed to be a lower cost option that just holds the DoW100 Athlete Monitor. With an adjustable height rail, it may be used in all three positions. 


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