2023 National Air Rifle League: Week Five Roundup

2023 National Air Rifle League: Week Five Roundup

(Featured image is Granbury MCJROTC)

The Precision National Air Rifle League this week featured two games with the top two teams from both conferences squaring off. Highlighting the competitive nature of the league this season, each of these two games were decided by less than 10 points. American Legion Post 295 held off Sutter Union High School in the Junior Rifle Club conference by a tiny 1.4 points.  In the JROTC conference Granbury MCJROTC held off Fountain Fort Carson AJROTC by just 8.4 points. After their wins, both American Legion Post 295 and Granbury MCJROTC lead their respective conferences.

In the Sporter league, teams begin to wrestle for the top eight positions who will make it to the league championship tournament for the postseason. As the league progresses to the second half of the season, each earned win contributes significantly to their overall ranking. While Mariner AJROTC, Zion Benton NJROTC, Jack C. Hays MCJROTC, and Webb City AJROTC remain in control of the top four slots, another eight teams are vying for the next four slots to make it into the tournament. West Valley MCJROTC had the biggest win of this group this week, as they outshot Trigger Time 4-H Shooting Education Club, bouncing them from 10th to 7th. 

Granbury MCJROTC Holds Off Fountain Fort Carson AJROTC

Led by Kennedy Wells, with a 607.1, Granbury MCJROTC holds off inter-conference challenger Fountain Fort Carson AJROTC. With the win, Granbury MCJROTC remains at the top of the JROTC conference and in fourth place in the overall Precision rankings. Next up, Granbury MCJROTC takes on Lafayette Gun Club, a re-match of last season’s championship game won by Lafayette Gun Club.

Sarasota Military Academy Earns First Win Over Eldorado MCJROTC

Sarasota Military Academy from Sarasota, FL competed in their first game this week and earned their first win. Led by Emrie Fast-Clar, with a 607.0, they outshot Eldorado MCJROTC. With their stout entry, Sarasota Military Academy is expected to compete for a slot in the post-season tournament and challenge for the JROTC conference title during the regular season.

Mariner AJROTC Has Season High with Vazquez Breaking 300.0

Shooting the highest score of the season, from any team, Mariner AJROTC earned a win over Pacific MCJROTC this past week. Their 1166.4 not only secured the win for the team, but allowed them to regain the overall top ranking in the Sporter league. Notably, Eryka Vazquez shot an impressive 300.5, breaking the 300.0 mark for the first time by any athlete this season.

Ronald Reagan AFJROTC Upsets Sickles AFJROTC

“League play favors teams that improve,” is the advice given to coaches at the start of the season looking for success. Ronald Reagan AFJROTC demonstrated this advice this week when they shot 12 points above their average and upset inter–conference leader Sickles AFJROTC. With three games remaining in the regular season, Ronald Reagan AFJROTC, Sickles AFJROTC, and Haughton AFJROTC are all competing for the Distinguished Air Force JROTC title. The team that heeds this advice the best will go a long way to earning the title.


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