An Improvement To The Athena EST Mechanical Lift

An Improvement To The Athena EST Mechanical Lift

Scopos is constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve both Orion and Athena. Our most recent improvement is to the mechanical lift of our Athena ESTs. 

Our new cable operated pulley lift system is an improvement over the previous threaded rod lift in several ways:

Quieter: Existing Athena customers will be happy to hear that the pulley lift is significantly quieter than the threaded rod lift. The only noise from the pulley lift now comes from the motor itself with the removal of the metallic threaded rod.

Faster: The pulley lift is able to run directly up and down more smoothly compared to using a threaded rod, making target height changes faster.

Less Maintenance: The pulley lift requires minimal maintenance and lubrication in comparison to the threaded rod lift. Once installed and running properly, the target lift requires much less regular attention.


Going forward, all Athena ESTs sold with mechanical lifts will feature the new pulley lift system. This includes both new ranges and add-ons to existing ranges. Ranges with the existing threaded rod lift have several optional paths if they desire to upgrade their ESTs to the pulley lift.

Purchase an Upgrade Kit

Pulley lift upgrade kits are available now in our store. Kits will be shipped to you, along with instructions on how to swap the lift systems. These upgrade kits are priced at $200 each. 

Send Your Targets In For An Upgrade

You may send your Athena target heads back to Scopos to have the lift system exchanged. This option is priced at $400 each as an optional upgrade service for the target. Please contact us to discuss this option.

Scopos Onsite Installation

Scopos can come to your range to perform the lift exchange. This option is ideal for ranges to bundle with a maintenance appointment. For this option, please contact us to discuss pricing and logistics. 


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