2023 National Air Rifle League: First Week Rundown

2023 National Air Rifle League: First Week Rundown

(Featured image is Jack C Hays MCJROTC)

The National Air Rifle League kicked off last week with 134 teams across the United States and Germany. With one game complete, and seven more weeks to go in the regular season, Mariner AJROTC and American Legion Post 295 earned the top spot in the Sporter and Precision leagues respectively. 

The first week of the league was highlighted by a random schedule, with an emphasis on inter-conference play, allowing teams that may never have competed against each other to meet. Results of these inter-conference games will play an important role in determining the eventual conference winners, determined by their collective regular season results. To see the full list of current standings, visit the links below.

See Sporter League Standings for All Teams

See Precision League Standings for All Teams

Jack C Hays MCJROTC Outperforms West Valley MCJROTC and Earns Number 2 Sporter Ranking

Meeting for only the second time in the Sporter league, Jack C Hays MCJROTC outperforms division rival West Valley MCJROTC. This evens their history at one win each. Perhaps more importantly for Jack C Hays MCJROTC, this win catapults them to the number two spot in the Sporter league after week one. Leading the Sporter league is Mariner AJROTC, after an undisputed win this week.

Jack C Hays MCJROTC vs. West Valley MCJROTC Match Results

Ramona NJROTC Edges Georgetown NJROTC

In the closest game of the week, inter-division teams Ramona NJROTC from California and Georgetown NJROTC from South Carolina meet for the first time. Ramona earns the win in this game by just 0.6 points. With this, Ramona NJROTC leads the competitive NJROTC Distinguished rankings.

Ramona NJROTC vs. Georgetown NJROTC Match Results

Ronald Reagan AFJROTC Outshoots Bellevue West AFJROTC

League newcomer Ronald Reagan AFJROTC wins their first game in league play versus Bellevue West AFJROTC. With it, Ronald Reagan AFJROTC leads the AFJROTC Distinguished rankings. And despite the loss, Bellevue West AFJROTC leads the AFJROTC Elite rankings.

Ronald Reagan AFJROTC vs. Bellevue West AFJROTC


Fountain Fort Carson AJROTC Edges Eldorado MCJROTC

In the Precision league, Champions Division stalwart Fountain Fort Carson AJROTC edges out Eldorado MCJROTC by just 5.4 points. These two teams now sit third and fourth respectively in the JROTC Champions rankings, behind Granbury MCJROTC and Camden County NJROTC.

Fountain Fort Carson AJROTC vs. Eldorado MCJROTC Match Results

American Legion Post 295 Wins and Earns Number 1 Precision Ranking

Last and certainly not least, Claudia Muzik shines and leads her team to a win over North Gwinnett High School. Shooting a 627.3, Muzik has the high score of the week in the Precision league. Her team, American Legion Post 295, has the early number one ranking in the precision league.

American Legion Post 295 vs. North Gwinnett High School Match Results


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