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Orion Release version 2.16

Orion Release version 2.16

Every software company, with every release, tries to highlight the most impactful feature. If we tried this strategy with this release many of you would be underwhelmed. This is because the big enhancement is not within the feature set of the user interface, but rather the backend that “allows us to help you better.”

This release revamps and improves our Athena manufacturing process, allowing us to better meet the sales demand of you, our customers. We made it easier to ship new orders, made it easier to ship “add on” orders, and made it easier for customers to exchange Athena units on their own.

With all this said we did add a few new features customers will benefit from:

We encourage our customers to take advantage of this release, installing it today. Although it may not give you a lot of new features, by installing it, it will help us help you better. 


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