Introducing Direct Share

Introducing Direct Share

Scopos is pleased to announce the newest addition to Rezults: Direct Share.

Direct Share is a groundbreaking feature that enhances the connection and competition among shooters and marksmanship enthusiasts. With just a click, users can now share their match results, individual scores, or detailed series on popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and X, the company formerly known as Twitter.

Key Features:

  1. Social Media Sharing on Desktop & Mobile: Share your achievements effortlessly with friends, family, and fellow competitors. Whether on desktop or mobile, your marksmanship journey is now more social and interactive.
  2. QR Code for Instant Sharing (Desktop): A unique QR code icon is available for desktop users. By clicking it, anyone with a mobile phone can scan the code and be directed to the match instantly.
  3. Export to PDF (Desktop): Users can click the PDF icon to export their results to PDF, allowing for easy record-keeping and sharing. The PDF has a QR Code that redirects the user to the correct match or competitor’s results.
  4. Share via SMS (Mobile): Expanding the sharing capability on mobile devices, users can now share their results via SMS, bringing the community closer together.
  5. Rich Social Media Embedding: The image embedded into your social media post will link back to the match or scores on Rezults and include intriguing details, making your shared post more engaging.

Impacts on the Marksmanship Community:

Direct Share is more than just a feature; it's a movement to bring together the marksmanship community. It fosters engagement, improves competition, and promotes an environment where scores and matches are celebrated together.

Through Direct Share, marksmen can easily communicate their progress and success, fostering healthy competition and camaraderie. This transparent sharing system also provides valuable insights for trainers, coaches, and other stakeholders in the marksmanship world.

Watch Our Full Announcement Video Below:


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